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PANWELD Enterprises is a partnership concern involved mainly in imports of machinery, equipments and Raw materials for local industries.
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PANWELD Enterprises, formerly known as Munis Brothers, established in 1991 as a trading company and expanded towards industrial oriented products such as pneumatic equipment, painting equipment, vacuum pumps and charging machines.
Painting/Sealing/Fluid handling equipment
Spot welding machines
Engg. Plastics Resin, P. P Glass Fiber, ABS, PC, Nylon, Nylon GF , EPDM etc
Weld Nuts, Weld Bolts, Flange Nuts & Others Fasteners
Copper Chromium Rods, Seam welding plates
Graco Inc, USA
Nawootec Co. Ltd, Korea
Lucky Enpla Co. Ltd, Korea
Topist Enterprises, Taiwan
Bando Chemical Ind. Co . Ltd, Singapore
Miyakawa Corporation, Japan
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