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Corporate Profile
Competitive manufacturer of Engineering Plastics and Resins in Korea since 1994.

Cost-effective, high performance thermoplastic compoundings such as PC/ABS, PC/PBT and ABS, HIPS, Adhesive Resinss and Fluorescent Compoundings and have supplied superior engineering plastic products to Korean big companies and international customers, which consider Lucky Enpla as their good business partners in developing their customer-formulated application, better quality and lower cost.

The applications and uses of Engineering Plastics are expanded in the area of automotive goods, electrical/electronic parts and industrial equipment, and as well technologies and developments are being progressed at a rapid pace.

Lucky Enpla follows up with new trends and has increased its R&D cost to advance the quality of the product and meet customer's maximized satisfaction.

Highly Popular Grades

Lucky Enpla Plastics Applications
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