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Corporate Profile

Since the foundation in 1977, NAWOOTEC has been able to grow into the domestic top player in the resistance welding machine for automobiles and elevator traction machine through our tireless technology development and quality innovation activities. As an industry leader, we are playing a pivotal role in the development of automobile and elevator industries in Korea.

One of our brands ‘NAWOOTEC Compressor’ has been granted an international patent due to the success in developing a compressor with only domestic technologies. In January 2002, a legal entity of NAWOOTEC was established in Nanjing, China, paving the way for advance into the global arena. Likewise, a lot of efforts are being made to win the status as the best compressor specialized manufacturer.

Once again we extend our gratitude to customers who have propped up NAWOOTEC’s growth. In return for customer support, we will do our best to satisfy customers by offering world-renowned good quality products and technical expertise.


Nawootec Business Areas

A compressor squeezes the air inhaled by spinning a pair of screw gears in a fast speed. The screw-type compressor is utilized at an industrial site as a power generator. Compared with the previous pump-type, the screw compressor can dramatically reduce noises and maximize efficiency. As such, it is used in most of companies and buildings these days. NAWOOTEC succeeded in producing Air End, a core part of screw compressor with its own designing technology, for which patents were granted from USA, Germany and Japan. We were designated as a venture company as well. Compressor is one of our major products to focus on.

Traction Machine
Traction Machine is an equipment, which moves an elevator up and down. More than two gears could increase or decrease the speed of an elevator by using the fast rotation movement of motors. NAWOOTEC developed the gear processing technology necessary for ensuring low vibration and high-speed. It also developed the materials alloy technology which helps maintain durability and flexibility of materials. These are major areas of competitiveness.

Welding Machine
Car frame welding machine: Welding machine is used to wield automobile frame and train cars. The machine is composed of welding gun, transformer and welding controller. Welding gun is used when welding two sheets of steel frame into one by applying high voltage to alloy metals. Transformer brings up voltage in order to melt and wield frames. Welding Controller makes the electric current flow in a stable fashion and control the welding timing. NAWOOTEC offers the materials alloy technology which can facilitate the movement of electric current during welding and maintain durability of welding machine materials. NAWOOTEC has a comprehensive designing capacity, so it enables the materials welding technology and the frame welding technology to work together for synergy.

This production facility is used in the process of producing bodies of automobile and train car. It makes sure smooth progress in car production (welding machine is installed on this facility). With designing capability, NAWOOTEC is capable of producing different types of cars (i.e. Sonata and Avante) in one line.
Nawootec Welding Machine

Nawootec Welding Machine
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